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Published Opinions

1. KATHERINE S. v. FOREMAN, 197 Ariz. 371, 4 P.3d 426, 305 Ariz. Adv. Rep. 14 (App. 1999).  I was the lawyer for Katherine.  The Judge was ‘testing’ a recent law which purported to allow him to order Katherine to do certain services, and to refrain from doing certain actions.  Katherine had at least one hearing without counsel, and was jailed.  I filed a motion for relief due to several constitutional violations and a declaration that the statute itself was unconstitutional.  Ultimately, I filed a special action and argued before the Court of Appeals and the Arizona Supreme Court.  In the end, I won and the statute was declared unconstitutional.

2. MINH T. v. DEPT. OF ECONOMIC SECURITY, 202 Ariz. 76, 41 P.3d 614, 368 Ariz. Adv. Rep. 11 (App. 2002).  I was the guardian ad litem (best interests lawyer) for children whose sister died while in the care of her parents.  This case addressed the issue of participation in services provided by Child Protective Services by parents who stood accused, but not convicted, of homicide, and the effects that their decisions had on the eventual termination of their parental rights.

3. IN RE VICTORIA K., 198 Ariz. 527, 11 P.3d 1066, 334 Ariz. Adv. Rep. 35 (App. 2000).  I represented Victoria on a murder case in which she allegedly obstructed justice as a key witness.  The trial Court convicted her, and I argued that the Court inappropriately violated certain laws in finding her guilty.  The Court of Appeals reversed, and vacated her guilty finding, dismissing the charge against her.


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