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My Firm specializes in personalized, aggressive representation for a variety of legal issues.  We handle matters as simple as a traffic ticket up through arguing before the Supreme Court.  We offer varied payment plans and accept all methods of payment.  We also offer you flexible, immediate, and direct access to your attorney by providing you the attorney’s cell phone number and email address.  Your case is handled personally by Jeff Zurbriggen and will not be handled by any other lawyer.  The Law Office of Jeffrey M. Zurbriggen, P.C. offers a free initial consultation, so please contact us today to begin work immediately on your case. 

Practice Areas

The Law Office of Jeffrey M. Zurbriggen handles many different types of cases. The following is a breakdown by subject area of issues for which we provide aggressive, effective, and personalized representation:

Published Opinions

The Law Office of Jeffrey M. Zurbriggen handles many different types of appeals.  An appeal means that a brief is filed with a higher court of law requesting that the higher court take a closer look at the case to determine if the lower court made any factual or legal errors which may necessitate that the case be reversed or remanded.  To properly preserve your right to appeal, special action, or Rule 32 post conviction relief, you must file within certain time periods or you lose that right forever.   


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